The Universe Gives You What You Need When You Need It

Moving to Florida was a big sign from the universe for me. When I arrived, I felt things fall into place – well, everything but consistent blogging of course – and I found myself surrounded by old friends who believed in the pull of the universe as well.

A few weeks ago I reconnected with a friend of mine that I met when I lived in Nashville who now lives in Florida. We went out, had a few too many vodka tonics, and got into a big discussion around the idea that the universe gives you what you need, when you need it. She told me that she felt as though our friendship and who I am as a person, in this moment – years after we originally met in Nashville, gave her what she needed in her own life. A dash of spontaneity, a dose of courage, and a lot of laughter.

Now, I’ve often felt that the universe gives out signs if we only look for them but it’s something i very rarely talk about. So, sitting a thousand miles away from my “comfort zone” talking with someone I haven’t met in years about this topic at a tiki bar on the beach, felt like a sign. Especially since I felt that the universe was telling me to go to Florida and then I ended up talking about this topic with someone who feels the same exact way, reiterating the idea that I’m not crazy ūüėČ

And, guess what – at this point in this blog post, my first version had me launching into a story about how this idea of getting a sign/reminder when I need it most came to life for me today. But, I decided against it because honestly, I don’t want my stories to be the takeaway here.

You know what I think the real takeaway is? It’s this – have you ever thought to yourself or heard yourself say “The time wasn’t right” or “The time was right“?

What do you think told you that?

Me? Well, I believe it’s the universe/the man above/fate/your gut/whoever/whatever giving you a sign to stop and think a little harder about the situation.

You know how I think about life? I’ve started thinking about it like it’s a Magic Eye image. You put your face really¬†really¬†close to it and focus really¬†really hard on what’s directly in front of you. When you’ve got that focus locked down, you can begin to move further away, slowly and carefully, until something else comes into focus.

It’s not what you expected. It’s not what you thought.
It’s a¬†different look at what is right in front of you.¬†

If you open your eyes and let yourself roam a bit, the signs and signals that are in front of you will amaze you.

Take your eyes off of that roadmap and that ONE path in front of you and begin to look side to side. See the slightly overgrown paths that venture off of where you’re supposed to be. If you move your eyes from the roadmap, I’m sure you’ll see them – they’ve always been there if you just looked for them.

For me, I felt a tug towards this new life and when I got here, I found myself surrounded by what I needed – people who also believed in signs, the sunsets that reminded me that life is more beautiful than I imagined if I just get out of my apartment, and moments that remind me that I need to stop and work towards becoming the person I want to be, not necessarily the person I currently am.

Believe me, I’m not trying to make this some big ‘fate/religion/whatever’ post. I want you to take from it what you need it to give you but for me, I’m a big believer in the pull of the universe and fate – you just have to look for the right signs.

Going back to what I said before, take your eyes up from the roadmap in front of you. Focus on yourself, your intuition, your gut, your signs, the universe, whatever, and explore that.

Let yourself believe that you may be taken in a direction that you didn’t expect but the universe is trying to nudge you in. Remember – life is like a Magic Eye. Take that second look at a situation you think you see clearly.

If this post resonated with you, I highly recommend checking out my favorite book that also focuses on this idea – The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho (Nope, not sponsored… just a lover of this gem and I’ve actually given every copy I’ve ever purchased away. It’s that good). And, if you do decide to read it, let me know what you think. Seriously.


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