So, I truly believe this post should probably be titled, “Things I’m Afraid to Tell you Pt. 3″ but I’m afraid that 3 parts of one type of post is a little excessive ;)

With that being said, there’s no good way to jump into this post so I’m just going to commit and do it…

A little while ago, I was rejected by someone I was starting to have feelings for. We had gone out a few times, exchanged an obscene amount of texts messages, etc.

Things were great until they weren’t anymore.

It happened in a text message that was little more than the sentence, “You didn’t do anything wrong, I guess I just don’t feel it like I was there for a little while.”

Talk about a kick in the face.

I wanted to scream, yell, and swear that he didn’t know me enough to decide that he was done with this situation; however, I didn’t. My pride was well enough in tact not to do that. I said, “While I’m bummed out, I appreciate your honesty. Best of luck”

Approximately .5 seconds after I sent him the message, I sent my best girlfriends a text that said something along the lines of, “Guys are the worst. I hate everything.” ;)

A dear friend of mine immediately invited me out to the local watering hole and wouldn’t take, “Nah, I’m fine. Really.” for an answer. I suppose that’s why she’s a dear friend, eh?

After a bit of complaining/whining, she finally butted into my mutterings and made things painfully clear for me.

She reminded me that while my “life resume” was wonderful, it meant nothing if I didn’t begin to take stock in the things that truly matter.

Now, I know. That sounds silly but hear me out…

I’ll admit that I’ve accomplished more before 30 than I thought I could’ve in the entirety of my life; however when I think of what I’ve done, I tick off a list of things that would “look good” when talking to a potential employer.

Accomplishments and goals are extremely important but they’re not the only thing that matters in life. What matters is your self-worth.

To me, realizing this self-worth means that when things fall apart, you’re able to say it wasn’t you. It wasn’t because you weren’t smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough, ________ enough.

Your self-worth is TRULY self-worth when you can say, “Yes, _____ happened and it wasn’t mean to work but it wasn’t because I was any less of a person.”

It’s when everything is stripped away and/or you’ve been rejected by someone that you wonder, “Was it me? Was I not _____ or ____ or _____?”

It doesn’t matter what’s on that life resume of yours. What matters is what you think of yourself when the times get tough. It’s knowing that while you accomplished a lot it’s even more important that you realize you are a lot.

This shift in mentality makes all the difference. Truly believe that you’re great in this moment, despite what you’ve accomplished in the past. 

Really remind yourself of who you are when your “life resume” is stripped away. Don’t define yourself by your grades, your career, or the person you love.

Define yourself by who you are when nobody else is around. Define yourself by the things you’ve done when a friend is in need. Define yourself by the actions you take when you see someone do something that’s not appropriate.

When you’re hurt or upset, remind yourself of your self worth. Don’t let them knock you down or make you feel anything less than wonderful.

You’re wonderful, beautiful, and perfect.


Breaking Out of a Broken System


I feel as though I need to preface this by saying that for an inspirational blogger, I don’t really dig a lot of the typical “inspirational” literature.

Honestly it feels as though a lot of that is very… hmmm… what’s the right word? Elementary.

Yeah, it feels elementary. It seems as though many authors or bloggers tend to “baby” readers and almost treat them as though they’re fragile. In a way, I get why some writers choose to do this (so that they can empower the reader by the middle to end of their work); however, it’s not okay, it’s not appealing, and I don’t think it’s the right way to empower one another.

With that being said, I’m happy to have gotten my hands on a copy of the brand-spanking new book, “Breaking Out of a Broken System” before it was released.

Simply said – This book GETS IT.

“Breaking Out of a Broken System” is written in two separate parts by two different guys with two different perspectives on the 15 most important life lessons taught by their parents. Needless to say, it’s entertaining. They’ve successfully found a way of sharing wisdom in a way that’s fun and easy to digest without pretending that everything is rainbows, butterflies, and pantsuits.

Honestly, I want to talk to these guys about life while having a beer :)

It’s friendly, inviting, and inspiring. What more could you really ask for?

Oh right… THE BEST PART –



Seriously, this is real life. I know I sound excited and kind of cheesy but it’s because I am (sorry not sorry). This is such a brilliant idea! Seth and Chandler are not just offering us the opportunity to read a wonderful book but also to help them save lives.

If nothing more, I really do encourage you to check out their site to learn more about the cause and to pick up a copy of their book. You can do that by clicking HERE.

Okay, now enough of that and let’s take a few moments to dig into my favorite parts –

1.) In the beginning of the book, the brothers tell us about a conversation they had with an editor about their plan for the pages of their book. They pitched the idea that the pages of one section would be white with black writing and the other black with white writing. The Editor called them crazy and said nobody would read a book with black pages and white writing.

But this conversation didn’t stop them from doing what they thought was a good idea. They went on to publish the work in this way and even more, Seth went on to say, “Call me crazy but I feel motivated by hearing that our idea is crazy.”

This is something that I think is worth noting because we’ve all been there!
We’ve all be told that XYZ will never work because it’s never been done before or it’s “stupid.”

Excuse me but no. Our ideas aren’t stupid but trying to squash someones dreams is.

We’ll always run into people trying to keep us down and keep new, innovative ideas at bay. People sometimes tend to be scared of the unknown and don’t want to see things that are “outside of the box.” Well, that’s on them.

If you feel in your heart that something is right or that your idea can make a difference then follow through and prove them wrong. Nothing good ever happens from playing by the rules. Nothing. This is something we need to remember and to live by. Believe in yourself because if you don’t make magic happen, someone else will while you’re still standing on the sidelines.

2.) “Being successful and accomplishing your dreams does not depend on how smart or skilled you are.”


Just like in the point above, you MUST believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter what happens, who says what, or who thinks that you don’t have it in you. You do. You absolutely have everything you need to make your dreams come true. You have just as much time in one day as Oprah has.

Seth and Chandler do an excellent job of carrying this theme throughout the entire book. It doesn’t matter what your upbringing was like, where you live, or what your educational background looks like.

What matters is your own dedication and heart.

This book gets it. It’s encouraging without being preachy. It’s fun without being cheesy. It’s written for someone who is ready to make their own path to happiness. It doesn’t tell you every step you need to take but rather teaches you that with a little guidance, you’ll know your path.


In “Breaking Out of a Broken System,” the authors give us insight into the lessons they’ve been taught and teach us in a way that’s engaging, inspiring and flat out enjoyable.

I’d definitely recommend picking up a copy. Not only will you have this excellent read but you’ll also be saving a life. If you do get it, let me know what you think <3



I’ve never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions but this year, I decided to give it a go.

I didn’t decide to “lose 10 pounds” or “cook more,” but instead, I resolved to get outside of my comfort zone. I’m going to say “yes” when I want to say, “Ehhh maybe not” and I’m going to push myself to try new things.

One of these new things was signing up for my first 5k.
Running a 5k is something that I’ve always wanted to try (you could say it’s a Bucket List task) but I’ve just never committed.

Truth bomb: I hate running. I hate it so much.

Well, a dear friend of mine encouraged me to sign up for a race in March and because of my resolution, I said I’d do it.

Now, I’ve been training for a 5k these past few weeks and honestly, I’m a bit discouraged with my progress. I’m not a runner at all… not even a little bit. Not even close.

My race is next week and while I’m excited to check “Run a 5k” off of my bucket list, I can only run a little over a mile straight and last I checked, a 5k is 3.1 miles.

Because of this, I tried to think of a way to run this 5k in a way that works for ME. Sure, I should concentrate on just running but that’s not how I do things. I like to go all out ;)

I decided that I’m going to Live Tweet this race. Yep, I’m crazy.

I want to tweet out thoughts, selfies at each mile marker, etc. while I’m running my first 5k because it’s a way for me to make this experience my own. I want to encourage people to follow their dreams, cross things off of their own bucket list, and make life/experiences their own rather than following the crowd.

I want to be able to look back at those tweets and say, “Ugh, I wanted to pass out at mile 2 but look, I pushed through and I finished the race!”

I want to be able to have fun with whatever I do because life doesn’t have to be boring and you don’t have to follow what everyone else is doing.

Please join me on Twitter on March 1st to follow my race. I’ll be tweeting with #Kate5k so that you can follow the conversation and even tweet words of encouragement at me (@KateFodera).

Fair warning: The inspiration may come mixed in with curse words, my strong distaste for running, and photos of me curled up on the side of the road ;)




For me, it’s easy to get caught up in the rush of the day and by the time I have a moment to breathe, I need to get to sleep so I can wake up and do it all over again. Now, I know I blog about taking time to enjoy the journey but that’s not where I’m going with this one.

A few days ago, something pretty big hit me (and no, it wasn’t that I use commas more than I should. Can’t stop, won’t stop). It hit me – When we’re constantly running from moment to moment, when do we have time to think about the things that are most important?

Hobbies come and go.
Feelings come and go.
Even friends come and go.

But the one thing that stays the same, regardless of outside circumstances and fleeting feelings, is who you are inside. Your specific passions, your dreams, your goals. Many people can run through the motions, perform certain jobs, and ________; however, nobody else feels, experiences, and lives quite like you do.

So… do you know who you are?

Many people (myself included) would say, “Heck no! You’re silly” but I think the important thing here is to always keep trying to figure that person out. Sometimes you need to take a step back and take inventory of who you are and where you want to be.

Sometimes these things hit you hardest when life comes at you with unexpected twists, turns, and changes. It’s in these moments you need to shut out all outside stressors and get back to basics.

As I mentioned above, this moment came about a week ago. Life threw me a curveball and it shook me up a bit. I wasn’t sure how to feel, where to go, or what to do; therefore, I decided to then take inventory of where I wanted to be and what would truly make me happy. I asked myself a few questions –

“Am I happy right now?”
“What would make me happiest in the next month or two?”
“Will I feel better about myself (physically, emotionally, or professionally) if I ______?”
“Is it important that the next move benefit me in the long run or am I looking for a short term response to this crazy curveball?”
“What is my top priority right now?”

Just asking myself what I wanted to get out of life and where I wanted to be personally helped me figure out what to do. Once I answered these questions, I felt as though I had my priorities straight and I knew that my next move had to be one that helped me grow as a person.

I’ll say it again – It’s easy to get caught up in the motions. It’s easy to forget to truly think about whether these motions are benefitting you and aligning with your personal hopes/goals.

Simply said… you have to live for you. You have to continue to make the decisions that you truly want to make, rather than making them because you should, it seems right, etc. You have to do what pleases your heart and betters you in some way, shape, or form. You only get one go at this life and there are no do-overs. Don’t live for others or make choices based on outside circumstances that could change. Make choices that further your own personal path to becoming who you want to be.




Nothing I’m about to say is going to be a surprise to you. Honestly, you’ve heard (or read) it all before or at least, I know I have. What I hope to accomplish through this post is to say it in a way that legitimately resonates with you….

Please, please, please take this to heart:
You need to stop reading all of the bullsh*t online articles that are trying to tell you how to change, act, and live to become more desirable to somebody else.

Because I couldn’t fall asleep, I grabbed my phone and opened up my Facebook app. I only scrolled down for a few minutes and in those few minutes, I saw two articles that upset me –

“40 People on the Worst Trait a Significant Other Can Have”

“23 Little Things that Let You Know You’re in the Right Relationship”

This upset me because you know what? Plain and simple – Life is hard enough as it is.

When we’re constantly bombarded by “advice” like this written by “experts,” we start to get this skewed perspective of ourselves and of life in general.

Don’t worry yourself with what other people think is right, wrong, desirable, or undesirable.
Don’t second guess your gut even if you see people leaving comments like, “ZOMG YOU’RE RIGHT! This is SO me!” This advice might resonate with them.
It doesn’t have to resonate with you.

There’s always something telling us that we’re not as skinny as that model, we’re not as happy as this celebrity who was just expensive diamond jewelry, or as ______ as _________.

Just as I deleted that page from my Facebook, you have the power to delete, turnoff, or close the magazine. You have the power to accept this “advice” OR you can say, “You know what? I’m happy. I’m healthy. I’m surrounded by people who love me despite my traits, quirks, flaws. I’m myself and that’s more than okay.”

The thing to remember is that people are going to keep writing these articles; however, once you realize that these sources don’t define you, your life, or your happiness then you can rid yourself of the judgmental negativity.

You have the power to decide for yourself if you’re in the right relationship.
You have the power to decide that you’re happy with your life.
You have the power to love yourself despite whether some article thinks your quirks or traits are undesirable.

You have the power to choose what you put into your eyeballs and into your head. Stop reading articles that make you feel like you’re not good enough, successful enough, or pretty enough. Instead of reading this judgmental stuff written by people you’ll never meet, take a minute to appreciate your quirks and your uniqueness. Appreciate those freckles or those laugh lines.

Forget these “advice” columns and do me this one favor – Embrace who you are, learn to love that person, and do what makes you happy <3






So, I’m going to come right out and say this –
I REALLY hope this blog post turns out to be more than just a glorified synopsis of that weird Jim Carrey movie “Yes Man.”

I’ve never seen “Yes Man” but I can assume the premise of it is pretty gosh darn close to what I’m about to write about; HOWEVER, stick with me on this one… mmmk?
I’ll give it the Live Inspired spin and it’ll be good. Pinky promise.

*cough cough*

Lately, I’ve been going through a bit of a funk. Not a bad funk or anything like that but more of the, “Welp… now what” type of funk. Moving to a new city, starting a new job, being recently single, blah blah blah… All of that was great.

It was exhilarating. It was refreshing. It was exciting.

But now… Well, now what?

I sat and pondered this for a while (no I didn’t, that was a lie) and I realized that I can’t rely on anybody else to make excitement in my life. No, this was up to me.

I decided that the first step to finding this newfound excitement was that I’m going to start saying, “Yep” instead of saying “Nope” in regards to situations/invites/whatever.

I know that it doesn’t seem like much but to me, it was.

I tend to get stuck in my ways and honestly, I over-analyze situations that haven’t even happened yet. It’s not that I’m being a Negative Nancy but sometimes, I just avoid situations if I think they won’t end up being THE BEST SITUATION EVER. It’s ridiculous. I know this.

For example: I was asked to go out on a date.

My head was telling me, “Nah, don’t bother. You guys aren’t going to click because of _____ and _____. Plus, what if you run out of things to talk about? Awkward.”

But it took me only a few quick moments to realize that I was going against my own plan; therefore, I accepted the invite.

I said yes and you know what, we’re going out later this week and it might be awkward. We might run out of things to talk about. I might end up really disliking this guy but you know what? I’d never know if I said no right away.

For me, this idea of saying yes is more than just getting outside of my comfort zone. It’s about allowing myself to experience new things and meet new people. When you immediately shut down an idea or refuse to give someone a chance, you’re not hurting anybody but yourself.

It’s true – When you deny yourself the chance to go outside of your comfort zone, you’re denying yourself the possibility of something amazing.

As humans, we’re not meant to live a boring and stable life. I’m reminded of that cliche saying, “If your life doesn’t have ups or downs, you’re dead” and it’s true. You can’t experience incredible if you settle for safe and mediocre.

Get out of your own way and allow yourself to do something new <3

Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 10.35.16 PM



Adventure – Guest Blogger!

At some point in life we are all ready to make a change.  Be it a change in attitude or a change of pace, we all grasp for something that is flashy and new.  Sometimes it’s as simple as turning left instead of going right and other times it involves jetting across the country to start a new life.  Which is exactly what I have decided to do.

There are few things more terrifying than moving.  Packing your life into any number of salvaged-from-the-dump cardboard boxes forces your attention to all of your obsessions, indulgences, and shortcomings.  Among junk drawers and unpacked boxes from prior moves, you’re left with any number of unanswerable questions that leave you deeply concerned for your sanity.

Six months ago I had no intentions of moving.  I was unhappy, but I had resigned myself to a life of mediocrity.  In a society that seems to resent youth,  I was a functioning adult and at the time that seemed like a success.  I had spent my years just out of high school traveling, I had lived in a foreign country, and I had just started to convince myself that those years would be the pinnacle of my life time achievement when a powerful force barreled into my life.  I was headbutted with chaos, tackled with unpredictability, and force-fed my contentment.  I was left emotionally bleeding on the floor of my self-doubt and I felt good.  What had I been doing with my life?  Where was I going?  These questions kept me conscious, but I needed to pick myself up off the floor, grab an ice pack, and prep myself for Round 2.

All the mental Tae Bo training in the world could not have prepared me for what came next.  Instead of being thrust in front of a series of funhouse mirrors to confront every version of me, I was instead asked a simple question: Want to go on an adventure?

Yes, I answered at the speed of the Flash.  The word was out before my mind had time to even figure out what sort of strange adventure I had signed on for.  There was no fear or doubt, just a single syllable word that carried my ambitions with it.

Which brings us to now.  A month before the move.  Up until this point, whenever someone asked how I was feeling about the move I answered with doubtless optimism, but ever since I’ve been transferring my life’s culmination of stuff and things into new bags and boxes, I can’t help but feel horrified by what’s to come.  This adventure I am about to partake in does not include my friends and family.  I have no place yet to live, no job, and no clue as to what I should expect in the new city I will soon call home.  I am scared, I am anxious, I am panicked.

I am excited.

Perhaps moving will ultimately be my downfall. In six months I could very well come crawling back, my stomach muddied by the tears of my defeat, but it would be my choice.  In a year, I may have to hobble from bus stop to bus stop, begging for tuppence as I try to make it home, but it would be my choice.  In two years maybe, just maybe, I will be happy.  I don’t know what to expect, if I did there would be no thrill.  What I do know is that it will not be the end.  One failed adventure can lead to a multitude of successes.

That is what ultimately sold it for me and what I hope will inspire all of you.  This adventure is MINE.  It may not always lead to happiness, but what can ever truly be gained by playing it safe?  Welcome change.  Take risks.  Go on an adventure.  You will never truly know what it’s like to live until you’re scared witless by the uncertainty of the future.

EDITORS NOTE: Rachel Closson is currently a resident of Grand Rapids but is soon on her way to Texas. While she’s a lover of all things video games related, she somehow finds time to read and write. Her favorite writing/reading genre is Science-Fiction and she hopes to continue honing her skills in the weeks and months to come.




This topic is kind of a difficult one for me to write about; however, I firmly believe it’s an important one to discuss: The validity of your emotions.

Now, this topic is difficult because I’d be blatantly lying to you if I said that I wasn’t a “proud” person. I don’t want anybody to think that I’m weak or I’m not in control of my own emotions. I want others to think that I have it all together even when life gets hard and I feel as if everything is falling apart.

This pride was tested earlier when I had a bit of a breakdown. Yes, I just admitted it to the world… I had a breakdown and believe me, it definitely wasn’t a pretty one. It was one of those ugly crying, drippy/snotty nosed, squeaky voiced breakdowns.

So, what did I do? Well, I did what any girl should do – I called my best friend.

As I was explaining to her why I was upset and more importantly, why I felt like I shouldn’t be upset because of x,y, and z – She cut me off.

She said, “Stop right there. You’re allowed to be upset because what happened is upsetting. You’re allowed to be mad because any person in your shoes would be mad. You’re allowed to feel everything that your feeling. Let yourself feel these things, it’s healthy for you heart and mind.”

This may seem simple idea but honestly, it’s something that caught me off-guard.

A few hours later (with a clearer mind) I thought about this… She was absolutely right – Of course, I was allowed to be upset and mad and angry and furious and everything else.

I just didn’t let myself feel these things because to me, these emotions made me seem weak.

Looking back, I realized that I kept giving reasons as to why I shouldn’t be upset:
– That things will work themselves out and life will go on
– People are having worse days than this. I should just suck it up and realize that my day isn’t so bad in the grand scheme of things.
– I should be over this by now. I shouldn’t still be hurt.

It was as if I didn’t have a RIGHT to feel everything I was feeling but guess what, I did have a right and so do you.

We don’t always have to put on a happy face if we’re not happy. We don’t always have to pretend as if things are okay when they’re not. Feeling sad, angry, or any other emotion is just as important as feeling a positive emotion.

Life isn’t always happy and sometimes, life is really hard. Sometimes we’ll get treated unfairly by those we trusted most. Sometimes we’ll have our heart broken by someone that we thought we’d be with forever. Sometimes we’ll get passed up for that promotion or sometimes we won’t get an invite to that party. Sometimes ___________ happens. Sometimes things just downright suck but you know what? It’s okay to recognize that and it’s okay to feel hurt, upset, disappointed – Even if you know that life goes on, there will be more promotions, etc.

In addition, you know what else is important? The fact that we shouldn’t put deadlines on how long we’re SUPPOSED to feel a certain way. Sometimes certain feelings can take a while to get out of our system but if we ignore them or refuse to feel them, they’ll keep growing and festering silently.

Goodness, I’m 99.9% sure that’s why I had my snotty nosed breakdown. I kept telling myself that everything was fine and that I shouldn’t still be upset. I kept trying to put these feelings I was having on the back burner but ignoring them didn’t do me any good when they came bubbling back up.

If you’re angry, then be angry. If you’re sad, then be sad. If you’re hurt, then be hurt.

It’s healthy for you to cope with the good and the bad in life. You need to let yourself work through whatever you’re feeling (in a healthy way, of course) and then once you’re ready, move the heck on. After a while, the strength of these feelings will disappear and by letting yourself feel and cope, you’ll truly be able to move forward.

Fact: Our emotions are valid and they’re 110% legit, regardless of what they are and why we’re feeling them. We don’t need to make excuses or feel bad about it. We don’t need to put a timeline and say, “I’ll be over this in a week” or even worse, “I can’t deal with this. I’m just going to pretend like it didn’t happen.”

Let yourself be human, take time to deal with whatever situation is happening in your life, and then put it behind you darling because there are great things ahead <3





Fact #1: In my life, I’ve been a victim of settling.
Possible Fact #2: You’ve also probably settled before in some aspect of your life.

It’s not hard to do and dare I say that more often than not, this settling is due to limitations you’ve accidentally set for yourself. 

For example: I know that I’ve limited myself when it comes to my professional life. In the past, I’ve settled into jobs that felt comfortable and didn’t challenge me because I wasn’t sure I would be as successful anywhere else. I knew how to do my job and I knew I did that job well, so I thought that was good enough.

I felt “good enough” for a few weeks until I realized that I was unhappy with this mentality of being mediocre. Seriously, why was I okay with being JUST good enough?

This mentality scared me and that’s precisely when I decided to make a change – I decided to see how far I could go.

So what did I do? Well, I applied for a bunch of jobs – I applied to positions within my dream companies, I applied for jobs that I wasn’t even qualified for (sorry to all the HR people reading this), and I applied for jobs that I would give my left leg for if it meant that I could even get an interview. Basically, if the job or the company excited me, I applied.

Part of me thought that I wouldn’t get any interviews but there was a little part of me that thought, but what if I did?

Like I said, I was employed and I liked my job so really, what did I have to lose? If I didn’t get a job or an interview, that was okay. I could still pay my rent. 

However, I did get interviews. Even more, not only did I get interviews but I was able to talk to some incredible companies, some wonderful employers, and some groundbreaking industry leaders. I was given opportunities I never even thought possible. I was offered amazing freelance work and even flown out of state for an interview… Doors opened for me that I never even realized existed.

Even more exciting, as a result of reaching out for the sake of seeing how far I could go, I was offered my dream job.

This idea of pushing myself and breaking the limits I had previously set upon myself had opened my eyes.

It reminds me of the quote, “You accept the love you think you deserve” which can be applied in many aspects of your life… “You accept the friendship you think you deserve” or “You accept the job you think you deserve” and so on.

Because of my experience, I want to challenge you to do this: I want you to do something that scares you. Something that you don’t think is “possible” for you to do. Something that is seems far fetched. I want you to go above and beyond the limits you have set for yourself. As Jason Mraz says in one of his songs, “Leap and the net will appear.”

If there’s one thing I can leave you with after you close out this browser tab, it’s this: You only get one go at this thing called life… Why settle for mediocre? You deserve more than that. Go out and get the life you’ve only dreamed of darling. 

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It has been months (seriously… MONTHS) since I’ve updated the Live Inspired blog. For a while, I wasn’t sure what to say but more recently, it has been more of… how do I say this? How do I explain that my absence online isn’t because I don’t care about this site/my fans but rather, I have to step back, take a deep breath, and focus on other things?

Well… Here we go: There has been SO much going on in my life and as much as I hated to admit it, Live Inspired was put on the back burner.

In a nutshell:
– I made the decision that it was time to quit my job
– I was interviewing for other positions across the state
– I went to North Carolina for a long weekend to consult a band about social media
– I snagged my dream job in Detroit (about 2 1/2 hours from where I was living)
– I packed up and moved away from friends, my boyfriend, and comfort in Grand Rapids
– My grandfather passed away which was hard on all of us
– annnd I just completed my first week at a big ad agency
(complete with a 6am wake up call and an hour+ commute each way)


Now that things have kind of calmed down with my move across state and starting my new position, I’ve been able to breathe a little easier. I’m hoping to not only find my groove in this new chapter of life but also to find my groove when it comes to updating/writing/posting on this blog and the Live Inspired Facebook page.

Because I’m not working from home anymore, unfortunately I’m not going to be able to update it as much as I was; however, I hope to at least post 1 or 2 things a day during the week day. In addition, I hope to update this blog during the weekends.

Even though things might be a little quieter for a minute here, I hope that you continue to make a difference and lead a positive life.

Okay, what am I saying? Of course you will... You don’t need me to remind you of how wonderful life is ;)

With this being said, I love you all and my absence was not because I was losing sight of Live Inspired. I just needed a few weeks to organize my life and get back to a less stressful place ;)